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Shorts sets for women are the perfect clothing that can beat the relaxed feeling of taking our denims off after a tiring day. They scream comfort like no other garment and are made to make you feel the best at night. They are soft and stylish, cute and cosy, and perfect to wear in night. What's more? You can even wear your short pyjamas all day long in weekends and never have to worry about sweat or rashes. After all, what could be better than looking fabulous and feeling fabulous at the same time? Keeping all this in mind, My Closet Story has come up with a wide range of night shorts sets to give you all the Sunday feels. Let us look at our diverse collection and fall in love!

What Makes Shorts Sets For Women the Perfect Lounge Wear?

Be it AM or PM, short pajamas are always a yes especially if you are working from home or are on a holiday. They make you look cute while giving you ultra-comfort at the same time. Apart from their quirky vibe, there are a bunch of other reasons which make night short sets for womena must-have in the closet:

  • The comfort factor: The best part about these night dress short sets is how comforting and soft they feel on the skin. Just imagine, after a long day at work, you take a quick shower and change into cotton night shorts and then, crash on the bed. Sounds like the perfect recipe to a sound sleep, right? Besides promoting relaxation and calmness to the body, the short pajamas also ensure to give you enough warmth so that you don’t get up in the middle of the night to pull up the blanket or turn off the AC.
  • Breathability: Thanks to the snuggly shorts and top sets, the pores of your body can finally breathe while you sleep. Your limbs have to bear the tightness of denims and pants all day long. So, worry not because at night, they can relax, breathe and rejuvenate while the night shorts sets online provide you ample comfort and just the right amount of warmth.

  • Movement: If you are one of those restless sleepers who toss and turn a thousand times in their sleep, shorts sets will be a boon for you. Instead of going for sweatpants or nighties, give some nightwear shorts a try and you will be surprised at how wonderful they feel. As they will barely reach up to your knees, your legs will have no constraints in moving around freely.

  • Beauty: As night suit short sets are in vogue these days, you will find them in a countless number of styles. From tees and camisoles to shirts and nighties, the shorts for women are paired with a variety of top wear. That is why, they are not only great for your body and sleep but also make for some stunning Instagram shots. From cool prints to quirky colours, these short sets are making headlines in the fashion world for all the right reasons. 

Buying Guide: Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Night Shorts Sets Online

As the market is brimming with a lot of new varieties of short sets for women, you may end up getting confused about what you should pick. While it may seem like an easy buy at first, things may get overwhelming in no time if you don’t keep certain things in your mind while shopping for nightwear shorts. Don’t worry, we have got your back. Here are some friendly tips that while make the entire experience easy and worthwhile for you:

  • The size: When it comes to nightwear, the size of short sets for women plays a very important factor. Do not go for something that fits you perfectly as that may not be quite breathable. Go for a size bigger than your usual clothes so that it is the perfect balance between loose and tight. You need something that will keep you warm and covered while being airy at the same time.

  • The material: Make sure to check the fabric of your night shorts sets before buying them. While synthetic material may look good and cost you less, sustainable fabrics like cotton are way gentler on your skin and good for the environment too. Thanks to the booming brands like My Closet Story, now you can get beautiful shorts sets for women made of pure fabrics and at very reasonable rates. Not only that, our huge variety is to die for and our collection is inclusive of all body sizes.

  • Appearance: A lot of people may think that it is impractical to buy something only because it is beautiful. However, you definitely don’t want to spend your money on something that does not make you happy just by looking at it. While comfort should be the prime factor while buying night suit shorts, the appearance of them is important to. Go for something which is not only cosy but also looks stunning on you. 

Looking for the Best Place for Cotton Night Shorts Sets For Ladies? Visit My Closet Story

My Closet Story is born out of sheer love for comfortable clothing and the Indian culture. That is why; the combination of the two is mirrored in every piece that we create. From shorts night suits to ethnic wear, we have bought it all under one roof for you. If you are looking for some adorable short sets to look stunning even when you sleep, you should definitely check out our huge collection. Some of our best sellers are:

  • White Colour Anna Cotton Night Suit Short Sets: It is a no hidden fact that White is the ultimate symbol of peace. So, which colour could be the best at inducing peaceful sleep? White, of course! Keeping this in mind, we have created this beautiful shorts and top set for you. The serene white colour with cute red polka dots makes it a supremely trendy and special piece to have in your wardrobe. What’s more? The set is made of cotton and will lull you to sleep in minutes.

  • Pink Colour Adara Cotton Night Suit Short Sets: This set of night dress shorts is immensely loved and for the right reasons. It not only has a very soothing pink colour but the unique stripes add an element of Indianness to it. If you want an innovative pair of nightwear shorts which is complete with a pretty shirt, this is the perfect buy for you.

  • Yellow Colour Gia Cotton Night Suit Short Sets: Made with the purest cotton, this night suit is great for people who like vibrant colours. The subtle dash of yellow shade on the white set makes it look very elegant and classy. This will be a great addition to your collection of shorts sets as it is not only beautifully made but is extremely soft, stretchable and easy to wash.

There are a lot more to explore, discover and buy at My Closet Story. We take pride in bringing the most different and beautiful apparels that last for a very long time. Check out our broad range of Indian wear as well as loungewear to see the diversity and beauty of it all.

Why You Must Buy Night Shorts Sets for Women from My Closet Story

My Closet Story is where you will find all your clothing essentials and in the latest styles. From sarees and shararas for your festivals to jumpsuits and shorts sets for your formal, casual and night wear- we have got you all covered. Lets find out why we are one of the most-recommended clothing stores in India right now:

If you check out our collection of shorts sets, you will fall in love instantly. It is a lot more than just the splendid patterns and prints on our apparels. You will find a lot of creative ways in which we have incorporated the latest styles into our shorts sets.

If you always want to be in style, be it outdoors or indoors, we have got the perfect solution for you. Our short sets not only make for the best nightwear for your sleep regime but are also very chic. You will enjoy wearing them and posing for your stunning Instagram pictures.

Our range of products encompasses Indian as well as western wear. From that perfect saree to the cosiest pajamas, you will find it all under one roof- My Closet Story.

Apart from a massive range of stunning apparels, My Closet Story also ensures to deliver the best garments and at time. Our quick deliveries teamed with customer service support around the clock will make your shopping experience all the better.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Short Sets

Q.1 What is the best material for shorts sets?

Ans: As shorts sets are usually worn indoors and as nightwear, you should always buy them in breathable fabrics. Cotton would be the most ideal material to look for while purchasing shorts sets. It is gentle on the skin and lets your body breathe and relax.

Q.2 How often should I wash my shorts sets?

Ans: The washing time of your shorts sets depends on the time you spend wearing them. If you wear them throughout the day, you must wash it daily. If you wear them only before going to bed, you can wash them in every 2-3 days.

Q.3 Can I wear shorts sets outside my home?

Ans: You can wear any type of clothing indoor and outdoor as long as you feel comfortable. You can easily wear shorts sets to grocery stores, on a sleepover with your friends or while running errands.